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Tony Soprano Still Wants the Tower o' Garbage Whacked

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Even though their lawsuit was dismissed, the city closed on the purchase of the land and the project is out to bid, Tribeca and Hudson Square opponents of the Sanitation Department's huge garbage truck garage are taking one more shot at killing the plans before construction begins. The Tribeca Community Association and other groups have filed an appeal seeking to overturn the State Supreme Court's decision to dismiss the case against the 120-foot-tall Tower o' Garbage and its companion salt shed near the West Side Highway, which has already wreaked havoc on some neighboring luxury properties. Are famous names still involved? You betcha!

The campaign against the Tower o' Garbage has attracted an almost unprecedented roster of boldface names over the years, including James Gandfolfini, John Slattery, Jennifer Connelly, Kirsten Dunst, Lou Reed and many more. But "the story here is not about our celebrities," the garbage-fighting groups say in a press release announcing the appeal, right after listing a bunch of celebrities. Here's the first shot fired in this war's final battle.

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