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Rebellion at FiDi's 200 Water as Tenants Fear Exile to Brooklyn!

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We're told that all signs point to an increasingly tight Manhattan rental market, which means that landlords are starting to make aggressive moves. Like at former NYU dorm turned luxury rental building 200 Water Street, where word recently leaked out about one tenant's $500 rent increase. That was just the beginning, another tenant writes:

I read your story about the rent increases at 200 Water street. I am a tenant in the building and will be forced to move out as my rent is going up about $600. Seems to me that most of the twenty-somethings (who account for most of the building) who can’t afford these rents will be forced to leave. I have already seen a lot of people vacating their apartments. All the tenants received anonymous notes on their doors urging us to call the management to try to fight back on the increases, but they are not budging. The new rents sure seem like a lot to pay for a loud party building (with extremely thin walls) in the financial district! They should prepare for a mass exodus.That anonymous note can be seen above, complete with Brooklyn scare tactic! What, they thought that rooftop shower would stay sensibly priced forever? Not with itty-bitty Gehrys in the neighborhood going for $3k!
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