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Rocker Ex-Wife Doesn't Want Fancy Townhouse-Hotel On Her Block

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Plans for converting the townhouse at 15 West 68th Street to a short-term rental property have been kicking around for a while, and initial complaints that a $60K/week rental hotel-townhouse doesn't fit in on the Upper West Side have given way to a full-on celebrity-backed NIMBY campaign. DNAinfo was at last night's Community Board 7 meeting, where Lydia Criss, former wife of KISS drummer Peter Criss, dropped in. Her feelings on the hotel? Not a fan! "They could have Jay-Z there, and he could have bodyguards with guns, they could have Lady Gaga there," Criss told CB 7. "I've lived it, so I know." A rock star rager on West 68th Street sounds about as likely as Lindsay Lohan visiting a Central Park West wine bar, but CB 7 voted against the proposal anyway. Criss will still have to convince the City Planning Commission and City Council.
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