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10 Life-Changing Facts About Frank Gehry's Beekman Tower

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Following yesterday's WSJ interview with architect Frank Gehry and today's NYT story on his Lower Manhattan rental tower, its' turning out to be Beekman Tower Week around these parts. Oops, did we say Beekman Tower? We meant 8 Spruce Street, which developer Forest City Ratner is now calling the 76-story stack of rippling stainless steel inspired by Inception or the Bible or something. But that's only one of many shocking revelations about the Beekman?sorry, old habits die hard. Here are some more:

1) There are more than 600 different layouts.
2) As expected, leasing begins in the first quarter of 2011. Hundreds of apartments will hit the market at once.
3) 450-square-foot studios, the smallest in the building, may start at $3,000 per month.
4) If demand is strong, FCR will raise prices "even over the course of a single day."

5) They are expecting preemptive offers on top-floor apartments. Act fast!
6) Some floors might be left unfinished for renters wanting to customize their apartments. Folks, may we remind you that this is a rental?
7) Franktastic is afraid of the construction hoist, so he's never been to the top.
8) He's also still acting like the flat and boring fourth side was intentional.
9) He also chose brick for the building's oft-criticized base even though Ratner offered to pay for undulating metal all the way to the bottom.
10) There will be 18 model apartments.

Lord almighty. Will the building be the rental market gamechanger Forest City Ratner predicts? One thing's for sure: Every other Financial District luxury rental just feels less special now, right?
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