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Lady Gaga Reminds Us That Tribeca's V33 Still Exists

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Ms. Meat Dress's downtown housing hunt, chronicled weekly by Post columnist Jennifer Gould Keil and others, is now becoming a public service. If not for the news today that Gaga checked out the $14.95 million penthouse at 33 Vestry Street, aka V33, we would have gone on neglecting the crazy stone/glass/metal building designed by black-clad minimalist Winka Dubbeldam. Construction has dragged on for years, and five of the seven units have been listed in contract forever. But surely this Gaga sighting means the building is nearly done, right? Er, not so fast.

Unless Gaga and the gang of buyers like their homes drafty, they're going to have to wait a little bit longer. The building doesn't have a facade. But today's inspection found construction workers doing their thing, so have patience. As for whether Gaga will buy in the building, can she really afford to spend twice what JT is shelling out?
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33 Vestry Street

33 Vestry Street, New York, NY 10013