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Leftovers Reheated at Village's One Jackson Square

According to the wavy wonder's website, there are only five units left in the West Village's One Jackson Square. According to StreetEasy, two of those are in contract. Time is running out to call the city's craziest lobby home, so the developers have decided to up the cost on one of the leftovers. Apartment 6D, a 2,064-square-foot duplex with some private terrace action, was briefly listed when the building was under construction for $5.625 million. The listing disappeared two years ago, but it's back, baby! Only now the price on the 2BR/3BA is $6.35 million, about a 13% increase. That's $1,000/sqft more than the building's average sale, but hey, compared to the $21.75 million penthouse, it's peanuts.

One Jackson Square

122 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10006