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Mystery Lot Still Mysterious; Clinton Park Construction Watch

EAST VILLAGE?A Curbed Photo Pool contributor alerts us to the most interesting East Village Mystery Lot update since last weekend's temporary shelter/suitcase combo. There now appears to be some rusted metal contraptions and a path of wooden boards leading to the under-construction 123 Third Avenue condo tower (top left). Oh, East Village Mystery Lot, will your wonders never cease? [Curbed Photo Pool]

HELL'S KITCHEN?NYC The Blog let loose with the photo at top right because of the way it shows the Hudson River glowing in the mid-day sun, but forget the nature talk, hippie! The photo also shows the beginning stages of those zig-zagging planted rooftop terraces in Two Trees's Hell's Kitchen rental building Clinton Park, designed by Enrique Norten. Starchitecture beats the sun any day! [NYC The Blog]