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Battle of the Williamsburg Condo Building Indoor Pools!

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The big reveal of the Edge's long-in-the-making swimming pool got us thinking about that much-desired amenity and other new Williamsburg developments that have 'em. There aren't many! And while we wait for the first private outdoor pool in the Burg to finish construction, we thought we'd compare the Edge to another neighborhood swimming hole with easy access to the building's greenery, at 80 Metropolitan. But comparisons are boring, so instead we're going with a DEATHMATCH.

Yup, new Curbed feature time: Amenity Deathmatch! A building vs. building showdown based solely on the things that drive up maintenance costs and never get used. Winner gets bragging rights, loser ceases to exist and therefore this discussion never happened.

Poll results

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The Edge

4149 18th Street, , CA 94114 Visit Website

80 Metropolitan Avenue

80 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Visit Website