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Family Living in Pink Bus in Williamsb?C'mon, You Know Where

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The idea of artists taking up residence in structures formerly used for transportation is not a new one, but here's a twist: the Daily News finds a musician couple who've moved with their four-month-old baby from an East Village rental into a retired pink school bus. And even though they could park that bus anywhere, they've gone for one of the more obvious struggling artist locations, pulling up outside McCarren Park. They paid $1,500 for the thing, plus about $6,000 for renovations that include a recycled vegetable oil fuel tank and solar panels for the roof. The bus even qualifies for legal mobile home status, but notice anything missing from the list of amenities? Just a little thing called running water. The bus's inhabitants shower at friends' apartments and use the public restrooms in McCarren Park, a fact that makes us want to take advantage of our own working shower ASAP.
· Musician, wife & baby call pink school bus in Williamsburg home, sweet home [NYDN]