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Show-Tune-Singing NYU Pukers Make Neighbor's Life a Living Hell

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The buyer of a studio co-op near the 8th Street N/R station tells Brick Underground that what attracted him to the apartment was the location near NYU. If he ever wanted to take a break from the place, he could always find a student renter willing to pay out of a parent's pocket. That time might be now:

The neighborhood’s noisy beyond the typical sirens and traffic that all New Yorkers deal with. Not all New Yorkers have to deal with drunken drama students screaming show tunes at the top of their lungs at 4 a.m. It makes me want to open a window and throw a bucket of water on them. I want to kill their dreams of stardom and watch them move back home to Montana or wherever they come from. And then there’s the vomit. It’s more of a weekend phenomenon, especially around the bars in Washington Square. I dodge puddles a few days a week. I can’t know this for sure, but I like to blame underage NYU students. I assume it’s them. Maybe even the same ones singing show tunes.Which brings up an important question: What's worse, show tunes all night, or Katy Perry all morning? We're assuming both scenarios?NYU bars and Williamsburg's shitshowiest party building?are dealing with similar numbers of puke puddles.
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