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Tiger Woods Mistress #1 Now Renting Out Park Avenue Pad

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Former Tiger Woods consort Rachel Uchitel recently picked up a condo at 77 Park Avenue for a discounted $1.625 million, but Uchitel, who's studying(!) in L.A., isn't ready to move in. So the 3BR, 3BA apartment is now for rent, the Daily News reports?for $10,600/month. That's not exactly on par with rents in the building, since a 2BR is listed for $3,800/month, but thanks to StreetEasy, we can see exactly what the Tiger mistress markup is these days. In June, before Uchitel bought the place, it was asking only $7,999/month. Since the hush money-collecting Uchitel probably doesn't need the rent to cover the mortgage, maybe it's going toward the renovation. And what a renovation it is!

The Daily News has the specifics on how Uchitel is redoing the place before anyone moves in: "a new black granite fireplace, gold grills on custom radiator covers, an enlarged master closet and a new bar." Sounds...just like the way a nightclub hostess would renovate a pre-war apartment. Who's spinning tonight?
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77 Park Avenue

77 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016