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A Brand New Gang of Golden Dancers Frolic on 24 Bond

Down on Bond Street in Noho, a towering troupe of orgiastic acrobats have taken over the facade of 24 Bond Street, entertaining passersby and bringing some added glitter to this gold-rated stretch of real estate. Artist and resident Bruce Williams, having won the hearts and minds of the Landmarks Preservation Commission last year, recently introduced a new flock of fulgent figurants to the neighborhood, adding to the original dancing diorama that first cavorted across his second-floor facade back in 1998.

The new gang in gold goes vertical, climbing up the bricks of the six-story building and rising over the gap next door where King Kong may soon hold court. Until the big ape arrives the company of contortionists carry on up high, indulging in some gravity-defying feats that we're scared to try at home. For those who think this display of public affection is a bit too much, if Bond Streeters can get naked down on the Belgian blocks, then why not up here?
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