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Manhattan Getting Two Hyatt Hotels, And One Looks Familiar

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It's been all quiet for a while at the corner of 13th Street and Fourth Avenue, where Sam Chang once enlisted architect Gene Kaufman to build a hotel. Early this year, there were whispers that Hersha Hospitality might be reopening the project. Now, months later, we have confirmation. A press release hit our inbox informing us that a Hyatt subsidiary, working with Hersha Development Corporation, will be reanimating Chang's zombie project near Union Square (right) and building a new hotel from the ground up, the Hyatt 48Lex, at the corner of 48th Street and Lexington Avenue. Both are expected to open next year. We weren't able to get our paws on renderings just yet, but the press release offers a few design details. The Union Square hotel will have 23-foot lobby ceilings, and the Hyatt 48Lex will be built with a glass curtain wall. Anyone got images? Send 'em right over.
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Hyatt Union Square

132 Fourth Avenue, New York, NY 10003