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West Village Renovation Makes Neighbor Fear Home Invasion

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Though it's not quite a Scaffolding Nightmare (yet!), the 164 linear feet of sidewalk shed at 117 Perry Street in the West Village has one neighbor losing sleep. Since the hardware went up last January, little to no work has been done, but permits have been issued for the interior alteration of the commercial space and a new boiler. Why is our tipster so worried that scaffolding will plague her townhouse next door? Because 117 Perry, ladies and gentlemen, is a Gottlieb:

On January 25, 2010, scaffolding was put up under the apartment building at 117 Perry Street (corner Perry & Greenwich Streets, Manhattan). I live next door on Greenwich Street in a 4-storey brick town house. Without ever informing or consulting us, a good-size portion of scaffolding was extended directly over our front doorway. This is directly under my southernmost living room window, and provides easy access to my apartment to any passing criminal. With no other security, I was forced to keep my window closed & locked all summer -- one of the hottest on record. I placed several calls to the William Gottlieb Management Company, owner of the property at 117 Perry Street, to ask how long the repair work would take. I was hung up on each time, and my messages were not returned. On Jan. 28, 2010, I called 311 and filed a complaint. I was given a number, and told a Building Inspector would come by to assess the situation.

To date, no repair work has been done at 117 Perry Street. And because erecting a scaffold is far less expensive than doing actual repair work, I am convinced that no repair work will ever be done, and the scaffolding will remain there indefinitely. To my knowledge, no Building Inspector has ever come by, and like the scaffolding, my complaint remains unresolved.

So we ask you, Gottlieb tenants: Have building repairs/renovations ever been conducted in a timely manner? Valuables are at stake!
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