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Freak Show Over as Coney Island Businesses Given the Boot

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The owners of some of the Coney Island boardwalk's seediest and therefore most fantastic businesses have been living in fear ever since they were told to submit new business plans in order to have their leases renewed. Today the decision was handed down by landlord Central Amusement International, and it's a massacre. Among the vendors not being renewed: Shoot The Freak, Ruby's Bar and many more. There's been talk that Central Amusement (a subsidiary of Luna Park operator Zamperla, which won the master lease from the city) wants to bring upscale businesses to the boardwalk. According to City Room, the Beer Island beer garden will be replaced by...a beer garden. Unique!

That's not the only shocking news coming out of Coney today. Former Astroland operator Carol Albert says she's giving up control of the Cyclone due to the costs of keeping the landmark rollercoaster up and running. The Parks Department will solicit new bids to run the Cyclone this month. So much change, so quickly! But now where are supposed to go to shoot paint balls at a depressed kid holding a shield?
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UPDATE: Gothamist has some renderings CAI/Zamperla created of the new-look boardwalk. Here's one, classy wing joint and all: