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It's Complain About Your New Williamsburg Luxury Rental Day!

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There's something in the water in Williamsburg, and it's making renters speak up about their dissatisfaction with the new buildings they call home. Deep in South Williamsburg, a tenant writes in about our favorite firepit-promising finger building, Zazza Williamsburg: "Zazza is 99% rented with the exception of 1 unit. however still no gym or firepit." From bidding wars to zero S'mores? Tsk tsk. But those are minor complaints compared to this dispatch from inside renovated warehouse 184 Kent, which has had some growing pains:

I was one of of the first to sign up to the building and as such have a great river front apartment – unlike many the layout is brilliant, the view amazing and it should, in theory, be a great place to live. The reality however is a catalogue of ongoing problems which is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Before going into this, I should say that the onsite management team do seem to try their best, as do the maintenance team – but the problems are more fundamental and as a result of what seems to be a hasty and poor finish. To give an idea of why not a single week has gone by without having to need to call the maintenance team...

* Windows – guess what? Being on the river means its pretty windy – the result a constant whistling sound that keeps you you awake and makes you feel like your living in a wind tunnel.
* Rodents. Big, big mice.
* Air con / heating – has broken or needed repair almost weekly.
* Damp – as previously reported this is also an as yet unsolved issue.
* Ongoing construction – starting at 7am. A great way to start each day (even better is being told by the construction workers that you should be awake anyway – thanks I’m glad I pay almost $4k a month for your wake up call!)
* Sound insulation – there is none. You get to know your neighbors very well.
* Fire alarm which goes off constantly.
* Sinks that don’t drain and faucets which fly off.

Its understandable that a new building has teething issues – but 6 months in things should be getting better. Its a shame because the building has so much going for it.

Sounds like a mix of the usual new-construction hazzards along with some odd ones (flying faucets?). The 184 Kent team has been quick to respond to tenants' troubles in the past, so things will get better, right Rent on Kenters? If not, at least the ellipticals are amazing.
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