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Courtney Sale Ross to Own One Less Fancy Downtown Apartment

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Big sales, big PriceChops, big listings: It's an Upper East Side type of day. Let's cleanse the palate with a little downtown glamour, like a new-to-market loft-style abode at Tribeca's 7 Hubert Street, which did the whole new-building-posing-as-old-building thing when the nearby Fairchild was still a glint in a developer's eye. Unit #7C in the Hubey, a 2,542-square-foot condo with three bedrooms and two terraces, was purchased for $5.28 million just this past March, and now it's already back on the market for $5.9 million. Did they at least freshen the drapes or something?

Here's something peculiar! All three sales in the building in 2010, #7C as well as an $11.5M penthouse and a $7.3M eighth-floor unit, were all bought by the same LLC, according to StreetEasy records. If previous reports are true, that LLC is controlled by Courtney Sale Ross, schoolmarm, philanthropist, widow of former Time Warner CEO Steven Ross and resident...of 740 Park Avenue. Curse you, Upper East Side, you've infiltrated us again!

Ross was once "quietly" trying to sell her 740 Park duplex for over $60 million a couple years back (it hasn't sold) and she's been known to snap up luxurious downtown properties in neighborhoods other than Tribeca, as well. We rarely hear about her shedding a property, however, and this one ain't bad, featuring "sophisticated interiors by acclaimed architect Alan Wanzenberg." Here's some floorplanage, even though it's all about those 10' casement windows, and they don't translate well to ink lines:

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7 Hubert Street

7 Hubert Street, New York, NY 10013