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1 WTC Cranes Get Cozy; Yoga Replacing West Village Squash?

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?Awww, the Freedom Tower 1 World Trade Center cranes are mating! In nine months we should have some baby cranes, which will hopefully help the rebuilding of ground zero go quicker. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE?As previously mentioned, the Printing House gym on Hudson Street has been hijacked by Equinox, and the "mecca of squash in the West Village" is now in jeopardy. A Facebook group has been set up to rally squashers to convince Equinox to keep the gym's squash courts. Why does Equinox want them removed? Because squash isn't trendy enough: "Rumor is that Equinox will close the squash courts and convert them to yoga / pilates studios. Please help stop that! Over 300 squash enthusiasts will be displaced and we will lose a great community. We have until 12/15 to make a difference." [Facebook]