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Project Runway's Nina Garcia Lists UES Combo Apartment

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The walk-in closets on this floorplan are completely unsurprising given that, the Real Estalker reports, the apartment belongs to Project Runway's Nina Garcia. The 4BR, 3.5BA place is asking $8.5 million. Garcia and her husband, finance honcho David Conroy, paid $4,921,900 for two apartments that they combined into this one. Of course, Real Estalker reminds us that the combination is still imperfect, with the low-floor location messing up the views from the library.
· Listing: 45 East 66th Street - Apt: 2SE [Corcoran]
· Project Runway's Nina Garcia Lists Manhattan Sprawler [Real Estalker]

45 East 66th Street

45 East 66th Street, New York, NY 10065