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Bathtub in a Bedroom, and Other Secrets of 49 Howard Street

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This is a story about a bathtub in a bedroom. Because what is a bathtub in a bedroom, really, other than a dream? A dream of buying a property, ripping it apart, fixing it up, and making money. And, along the way, putting a bathtub in a bedroom. That dream came true at Soho's 49 Howard Street, and one day we hope it will come true for us. There's a bathtub in a bedroom that lives inside us all.

In one of his epic blog posts today, broker-blogger Manhattan Loft Guy examines 49 Howard Street's #3N, a classic Soho loft (open space, high ceiling, formerly gritty building covered in graffiti and full of garment workers, etc.). MLG writes that the "1,500 square foot" loft sold in 2008 for $1,272,812, then got the bathtub-in-a-bedroom gut renovation and wound up back on the market. It just sold to a Swedish couple for $1.9 million.

Here's where things get really fun! Design/build firm Manhattan Restoration has a photo gallery of the place on its website, documenting the transformation from raw Soho loft space to completely gutted work site to modern bathtub-in-bedroom playpen. Here's a glimpse of the process:

But that's not all! Things got really weird when Manhattan Loft Guy googled the building and found YouTube videos of some Italian guy doing a walk-through of a different loft in the building and explaining how to exit the premises, which is the clip seen here. But why would anyone want to leave? Need we remind you there's a bathtub in the bedroom?

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