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While You Weren't Looking, FiDi Got a New Park!

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Back in 2007, the Parks Department decided to get all crazy down at Delury Square, a triangle of traffic where Fulton and Gold Streets meet surrounded by the Southbridge Towers complex. Plans were unveiled to reclaim parts of the streets and create a peaceful public green space with a waterfall(!) at the upper edge of the Financial District, but that was back when the city's coffers were overflowing with cash. Surely Delury Square Park will never actually happen! But it did, thanks to $2.3 million from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, and this week the city cut the ribbon on the new park, which was supposed to be completed in 2009, but hey, can't win 'em all.
Here's Curbed intern Douglas Land's eyewitness report:

At first glance, the new park at DeLury Square is unimpressive and kind of dreary in the shadow of the neighboring tower. On a closer look, the tiny downtown park was surprisingly busy for a weekday afternoon. Visitors casually enjoyed the vista of a waterfall (more of a water feature...) in the park's center. Two locals stopped to rave about the park's positive impact and beg for a photo-op. It sure isn't one of Olmsted's, but downtown can always use some extra green.According to the city's press release, the 8,850-square-foot park "provides a visual focal point while helping to mask noise from the adjacent streets." Serenity now!
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