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Businessman Slowly Buying Up 44th Floor of One Beacon Court

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Okay, fine, One Beacon Court, we get it: this whole recession thing just means nothing to you, right? The latest proof comes in today's Journal, which reports that a 44th-floor unit in the East 58th Street building just sold for $15 million after a bidding war. The 3BR, 3.5BA apartment, which sellers Marc and Flora Goldberg bought for $6,012,257 in 2005, was originally listed for $14.75 million. The buyer is an LLC that reportedly masks Ukrainian businessman Alexey Kononenko, who already owns a $15.25 million apartment on the same floor. The combo unit could be 6,000 square feet, and brokers are already drooling over the potential for a $40 million listing. But that's just par for the course at One Beacon Court.

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