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Bronfman's Latest Big Buy: $23 Million on Fifth Avenue

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Seagram heir and Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. has owned some of the fanciest real estate on the Upper East Side in recent years, including a 15,000-square-foot house on East 64th Street (sold for $50 million, the third biggest deal of the last decade) and apartments in 1040 Fifth Avenue and 95th Street's Carhart Mansion that he ended up flipping. He's been renting since 2008, but today Jennifer Gould Keil reports that Bronfman is again ready to invest in something more permanent.

He's in contract to buy this 2BR/4.5BA co-op at 810 Fifth Avenue, listed at $23.5 million. It's a 13-room spread that's been taken down to nine, and includes park views (from the living room and library), big dining and dressing rooms and an all-important humidification system. We're always excited to hear about new Bronfman purchases, but this leaves us a little underwhelmed. Perhaps the Bronfman bar has been set too high. So will he actually move in this time?

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810 Fifth Avenue

810 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY