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Queens Condo Board Spends $100K Failing to Evict Tiny Dog

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The members of the condo board at Queens' Village View Condos do hate puppies. Too bad for them that the court system doesn't care! An appellate court has ruled that a Village View resident has a right to keep her three-and-a-half pound teacup Yorkshire terrier, Charlie, despite the building's no-pet policy, the Times and Post report. The board spent $100,000, or $4,200 in legal fees per Village View resident, attempting to evict Charlie. So how did his owner, mail carrier Donata Forman, manage the victory? Her lawyer argued that the unit owners had never approved the board's no-pets rule. And at Village View, all changes to the bylaws must be approved by 80 percent of unit owners. Dogs for everyone! Meanwhile, the members of Village View's condo board will be relocating to co-ops.
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