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Martha Stewart's Perry Street Leftovers Now $2 Million Less

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The halls of 173 Perry Street have probably been woefully lacking the smell of baked goods since Martha Stewart sold her penthouse to financier Gilbert Lamphere for $6.65 million in 2004. And without the cream puffs, maybe owning #PH-N in the glassy Richard Meier tower is just no fun, because Lamphere's been trying to get rid of it for months now. The latest strategy: take $2 million off the price and beef up the listing pics. The apartment, which was asking $15.9 million in April, is now back on the market through new brokerage Sotheby's for $13.9 million. We snatched the fresh photos for the gallery above. Is that terrace sculpture meant to intimidate us into making an offer?
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173 Perry Street

173 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014