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This Buzzer Sitch is a Hot Mess; Apartment Sold Twice in One Day?

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NYC?The building buzzer as art! One day anthropologists will dig this up and try to understand the madness of how New Yorkers lived. Our photog writes: "Check out the attached photo of my friend's ridiculous buzzer situation. It's so ghetto. I feel like this could be a fun rubric for Curbed where readers send in the worst ones they find." Damn right! Send us you best Get Buzzed hot messes! (Working title.) [CurbedWire Inbox]

GRAMERCY?We recently took a trip inside 36 Gramercy Park East, ad oldtimer getting converted to condos. Existing tenants at inside prices make up most of the current buyers, which we guess leads to situations like this: "I saw two recent sales of PH-A at 36 Gramercy Park East that caught my attention: Trexler/Scafidi purchased from Mann Realty on 10/22/10 for $841,899, or $1,986/sf. Del Giudice purchased from Trexler/Scafidi on 10/22/10 for $1,243,116, or $2,932/sf. Although I’m sure the broker community will cheer on a ~ $3,000/sf Downtown sale, something doesn’t seem right with this. Are we back to the good ole days of 47% flips?" Friend, they never left. [CurbedWire Inbox]

The Residences at 36 Gramercy Park East

36 Gramercy Park East, New York, NY