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Wining & Dining in the Williamsburg Edge's Amenities Extravaganza

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Event: Grand Opening party/amenities reveal in the south tower of Wiliamsburg's Edge (yes, the building from the TV commercials), Tuesday, November 11.
In the House: Edge developer Jeff Levine, who was gamely shaking hands and kissing babies and accepting the well-wishing of Edge buyers coming up to him just to thank him for building the place (seriously! And they weren't PR plants!). Levine told us that 100 condos have closed in the two-tower complex, and 100 more will close in the next 90 days. Oh, and also Brownstoner was there.
Menu: An immense spread being served in multiple rooms of the Edge's sprawling amenities zone. Chicken satay, salmon, mac & cheese cups, pumpkin-spiced marshmallow thingies, macaroons, wine, beer (Stella and, 'natch, Brooklyn Lager) and enough other things to feed all of Williamsburg for months, probably. Those cool kids are skinny!
Dress code: Suits, Polos, hoodies, vintage, hipsterwear, leggings?anything goes in the Burg! The crowd was extremely mixed for one of these real estate soirees, filled with brokers, buyers, publicists, neighborhood peeps and, yep, even small children.
Overheard: "So, you're in a CSA?" "Excuse me, did I hear you say 14F? We're in 14G!" "We've already had a few births in the building."

Gift Bag Contents: Wine stopper and corkscrew, both somehow not branded with the Edge's ubiquitous "Hardcore Luxury" message.
What We Saw: The south tower lobby, interior courtyard, riverside parkish space, indoor pool, kiddie pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, spa, gym, full-length basketball court and about 26,000 lounge/seating areas, including the big one with a bar, sunken fireplace and the biggest flatscreen TV we've ever seen.
What We Didn't See: An apartment! Oh well, we've got pictures.
The Skinny: To step off of gritty Kent Avenue and into the cozy confines of the Edge is to zoom straight from Williamsburg past to Williamsburg future at about 10,000 miles per hour. We've had some fun comparing the Edge and its waterfront brethren to vacation resorts, but it really has to be seen to be believed. In fact, we had already seen it, and we still didn't believe it. If residents could access the under-construction CVS store (hear that, stroller lady?) without going outside, the Edge could pretty much be sealed off like a Bio-Dome. Do buyers want such a secluded oasis off the L train? Post-PriceChop sales have been strong. Williamsburg, or its new transplants, have spoken.
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