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Three Newish Buildings Report on Their Sales Progress

Data showing slow condo sales has got nothin' on the anecdotal evidence of three newish buildings that insist they're selling quite well, thanks. Press releases on Fort Greene, Harlem, and East Village projects have recently landed in our inbox, so we've got the full updates:

1) One Hanson Place: The Fort Greene project recently got impatient to reach that sold-out milestone and brought in the PriceChopper to take 20 to 40 percent off the prices of the remaining 12 units. Three of those apartments have since found buyers, building reps tell us. So now the sales team is just having fun: the units that are left are creating Fort Greene's own little red light district each night (right).

2) Parc Standard: Harlem's condo oversupply poster child has been selling surprisingly well despite worries about alien invasion. So well, in fact, that is has officially sold out. Twenty-four of 28 units have closed, with prices hovering around $711/square foot. Two of those units are already back on the market as rentals.
3) 123 Third Avenue: Long-awaited 123 Third finally hit the market in September, and the building is already 55 percent sold, building reps tell us, with 26 units in contract. Fine, show off again!
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123 Third Avenue

123 Third Avenue, New York, NY