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Ex-Wall Street Guy Wins Again on the Upper East Side

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Anyone hit by the recession found a scapegoat in Peter Krauss, the Merrill Lynch exec who left his job in 2008 with a $25 million buyout. Well, world, Peter Krauss just wants to help you out by being an outlet for your rage! This time he's done it by selling his 791 Park Avenue co-op for $7.65 million, the Journal reports. He did actually take a loss on the place, which he originally listed for $9.2 million in October 2008; its last asking price was $7.95 million. Even so, the proceeds are probably pure profit for Kraus, who has already decamped with his wife to the $36.6 million apartment at 720 Park that they purchased (in a record-setting deal) in late 2008.

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720 Park Avenue

720 Park Avenue, New York, NY