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Harper's Publisher Buys at 151 Central Park West

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The Observer is reporting that John R. "Rick" MacArthur, the publisher of Harper's just bought a fixer upper at 151 Central Park West, aka The Kenilworth. The 3 bedroom unit was listed initially for $5,495,000 but then got pricechopped to $4,950,000. It's got 40 feet of park facing views, but that won't make up for the costly renovations it will need. Not that MacArthur is going to have any trouble ponying up the cash, given his inheritance of his father's impressive business. If you want to be neighbors, there is one other unit in the building on the market, but it's going to cost you $17,500,000.

· Listing: 151 CPW [BHS; Streeteasy]
· Amount Harper's Publisher Paid for CPW Co-op: $5M [Observer]