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Very Colorful and Quirky on Sullivan Street

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Deborah Clearman's fifth floor walk-up on Sullivan Street cost her $1 million back in 2003, and she's put in $160,000 to make it an apartment that's one of a kind (for better or worse). After having lived in Guatemala for a year she flooded her apartment with artifacts, art and colors that remind her of the Latin American country. The apartment isn't totally our cup of tea, the colors can be overwhelmingly bright and it looks pretty cluttered and a little ADD-inducing. But it definitely has tons of character and doesn't totally jump off the cliff in terms of outrageous decor. What do you guys think, does this aesthetic appeal to any of you? And of course, if you want to skip the words, you can check out the slideshow here.

· A Writer's Start-Over Home [NYT]