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Scandalous Tribeca Apartments Fail to Meet Expectations

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What a guilty plea in a $292 million bank fraud scheme means in today's crazy world: giving up one's fancy New York City apartments. In the case of fraudster Hassan Nemazee, the first pieces of real estate to go to the U.S. Marshals Service were the 99-101 Warren Street condos that belonged to his kids. One of them, listed for $3.3 million, has now found a buyer. Stephen and Wendy Bass paid $3,105,662.50 for 101 Warren's #5H. Nemazee's wife may be allowed to stay in the couple's 770 Park Avenue, but will nobody think of the children?

The deed hit public record today for another sale with a scandal connection?this one completely fictional. The apartment is the third floor at 77 White Street, a 2,255-square-foot loft in the former Mudd Club listed in 2008 for $2.695M. The seller is Joshua Safran, Gossip Girl writer and co-executive producer. Safran paid $1,817,576 for the apartment in 2006, but perhaps he should have brought in Chuck Bass to handle the flip, because he only got $1,762,500 for it.

His floorplan:

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