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Another 15 Central Park West Apartment Reaches for $10K/Foot

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Whatever Camille Grammer thinks of the place, it's not enough to stop the rise of the $10,000/square foot listing at 15 Central Park West. Last week, a mystery buyer agreed to pay $10,259/square foot for developer William Zeckendorf's 41st-floor unit. A tipster points out another fresh listing in the building that's hovering around the $10K/foot mark. The apartment in question is #33D, which Zachary Jared-Schreiber and his wife bought for $11,190,567 in 2008. The new price is a slightly higher $31.5 million for the 3,173/square foot space. Is this the first in a wave of copycat $10K/foot resale attempts at the Limestone Jesus?

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023