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Townhouses, Not Towers, Will Surround Bedford Ave.'s Duane Reade

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The block-long development sprouting up on Williamsburg's North 3rd Street between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street will probably forever be known as stroller ground zero thanks to Duane Reade, but let's not forget the reason Duane Reade exists on that spot: condos, baby! The block is bookended by two new buildings, and in between is a whole bunch of dirt. Way back when, towers were supposed to rise, but that was in a different economy with different rules. Now the Wall Street Journal checks in on the plan, and linking up the two corner buildings will be 12 townhouses lining the north side of the block. The new townhouse thing has been done in the neighborhood recently by 80 Met, but these will be different. Think Carroll Gardens!

Front yards in Willimsburg? Believe it:

Construction on the townhouses is set to begin in January. They will be set back from the street, allowing for landscaping in between the street and the front entrances. "The idea was to create a green zone between the street and the buildings, very similar to what happens in Carroll Gardens, so that there's a zone between the public realm and the private realm, the public realm being the street and the private realm being the house," says Mr. Bee.

Williamsburg chain store fan Shari Lind might not get her Bank of America branch anytime soon, but if she buys here at least she'll be able to yell "Get off my lawn!" at people.
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