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Here's the Standard Hotel Made Out of Tuna Fish

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Actually, that's a lie. As if something as glorious as our favorite new building of the past decade could be recreated using cans of tuna fish! (There are also some green beans mixed in.) The "Candard Hotel" is on display at the World Financial Center's Winter Garden as part of an event called Canstruction, an exhibit of sculptures made out of cans of food to benefit City Harvest. The exhibit lasts until November 22, at which point all 100,000 cans used to make the sculptures will go towards feeding the needy.

The Candard itself is made out of over 4,000 cans, so whatever it lacks in adorableness when compared to the second-grade High Line sculpture it makes up for in man-hours. Gothamist has photos of the other sculptures, but Mr. Potato Head and Super Mario just aren't as exciting as looking for tuna fish getting it on in the Candard's windows.
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