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Rudins Still Hoping to Salvage St. Vincent's Redevelopment

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Like a creature from a horror movie, not even total bankruptcy can kill the St. Vincent's redevelopment plan. The Journal talks to a very determined William Rudin, who is trying to salvage the controversial redevelopment plan that called for building a new medical facility and turning the old St. Vincent's campus into condos. Of course, since there is no more hospital on the St. Vincent's campus, Rudin wants to pay less than the agreed-upon $300 million. And while another bidder could jump in with a higher offer, Rudin owns the Landmarks Preservation Commission-approved plans for the site. If that O'Toole Building replacement goes ahead, will it now just house condos and no hospital? After so many protests from Villagers over the hospital/condo plan, we're not sure the neighbors could take the irony.
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