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What $20 Million Buys on the Upper West Side These Days

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We're sure there is a method to 535 West End Avenue's madness, but the mysteries of the Extell-developed "21st century pre-war building" run too deep for our puny brains to unlock. Apartments in the building are epically proportioned, as are the asking prices and, eventually, the discounted prices they wind up selling for. For example, the 15th floor of the building?an 8,451-square-foot seven-bedroom behemoth?just sold for $12.9 million. A nice chunk of change (victory!), but nearly 44% below the $23 million asking price (defeat!). Now let's talk about the apartment just up the stairs.
The 16th floor of 535 West End Avenue, a 6BR/6.5BA apartment (some glimpses in the gallery above) weighing in at 6,637 square feet, dropped off the market in September. The asking price then was $25 million, and now it's back, with Brown Harris Stevens' Lisa Lippman, for $19.9 million. That $5 million PriceChop is no laughing matter, but with apartments in the building selling at an $1,882-per-square-foot average, shouldn't the price be around, say, $12.5 million? Here's the wildcard! The 16th floor is one of two homes featuring private outdoor space in the uber-posh building , in this case an 1,814-square-foot wrap terrace. Not even Matt Damon's prospective pad had that little wrinkle. Will that help it get its price? Maybe, and this epic floorplan porn might lend a hand as well:

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535 West End Avenue

535 West End Avenue, New York, NY