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Anna Wintour's New Office Will Be Very Well Protected

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What's with all the good news coming out of the redevelopment of ground zero these days? High-profile tenants coming aboard, waterfalls turned on, facades going up on new buildings?after years of squabbling, these good vibes are just what the doctor ordered. And on cue, here's the Post's Steve Cuozzo to deliver some bad news to the patient. The latest drama down at the World Trade Center is what the NYPD has up its sleeve regarding protection. The coppers are about to start getting serious about security measures, and there are fears that barricades, vehicle-screening turntables and closed streets will create a "war zone" and ruin any chance the new WTC has for being a thriving hub of activity. Clearly these critics forget that there's a terrorist motel in the works just two blocks away!

One source tells Cuozzo "there will definitely be some level of change to the open-street grid" under the NYPD's plan, but the details are still in their very early stages and other parties, like prospective 1 World Trade Center tenant Condé Nast, will be brought into the talks. Phew, for a minute there we were worried that New Yorker and Vogue staffers wouldn't be consulted on matters of national security.
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