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Totally Bizarre Living Room, But Hey, It's Less Than $1 Million

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Well here's something weird. Seriously, look at it. Weird, right? This sunken living room is part of an "art deco stunner" at 444 East 52nd Street, a Tudor-style co-op near the FDR Drive. The 1,600-square-foot 2BR/2BA, combined from two apartments, is now asking $999,000 after a few other spells on the market at prices as high as $1.4 million, according to StreetEasy (the most recent PriceChop brought it down from $1.095 million). We're sorry about the "Close" button thing. Not because we didn't crop it out of our screen grab, but because clicking on it won't actually close the picture.

Here's the upstairs portion, what the listing refers to as an "over sized Foyer tiled with imported marble." Marble seems to be a theme, and if you want to complete the '80s flashback, check out the bathroom photo on the listing. As for what this floorplan could look like, here you go:

· Listing: 444 East 52nd Street #9AB [Corcoran]