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The Next Stop on This 7 Train: Secaucus, New Jersey!

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Residents of Silver Towers, Atelier, and other new condos on the far West Side might be able to put away their walking shoes, because the 7 train extension to 42nd Street and 10th Avenue could really be happening?as part of the 7 train's expansion into New Jersey. Yes: New Jersey. The Times drops the bombshell that, as an alternative to the failed NJ-NYC commuter rail tunnel, there's a proposal for a 7 train expansion to Secaucus. The project is hoping to get some of the money originally intended for the killed ARC tunnel plan to cover the cost of the $5.3 billion subway expansion, but if New Jersey doesn't want to hand it over, maybe we should all stock up on $104 monthly metrocards while we can. We'd also like to humbly request new subways to places we actually care about. Like LaGuardia and Governors Island and Red Hook. Oh, hey, and Second Avenue!
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