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The Mondrian Pitches a Tent on Crosby Street

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The last time we looked at the new Mondrian down in Soho, the hotel had laid out a party pad on Crosby Street, pushing hard to meet the February 2011 opening deadline. Now the Morgans Hotel crew has pitched a tent on that quiet site, formerly home to a dialysis center but now laid out for gallivanting in the garden. What's gone up for the Crosby Garden is some basic framework, fittingly done out in metal white as snow. This is a far cry from the minimally-modern design that was originally floated for this quiet block where Crosby meets Howard. But is it enough to quell the noise and keep the locals happy?

When the Mondrian went public with its dining and nightlife proposals in 2009, locals pushed back hard. Since then the hoteliers and the community commandos have reached something of an accord, and plans have been scaled back a bit. A Mondrian rep now tells us that the previously proposed subterranean ballroom is out. What's in, besides the Crosby Garden hangout, is the often-discussed but much-delayed Imperial 9, where Top Cheffer Sam Talbot will be serving up goodies. Also to come is the Lafayette Lounge, up on the second floor and overlooking Lafayette Street. We'll have to wait until February to find out what happens way up top, where the 25th floor suite has its own private terrace floating out over downtown.
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