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Unfrozen High Line Building Under Wraps; REBNY Not History Fans

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WEST CHELSEA?Now that it's traded hands from Shaya Boymelgreen to Sam Zell, the unfrozen rental building next to the High Line at 500 West 23rd Street sure is growing quickly. Now it looks all crazy! [Curbed Photo Pool]

UPPER WEST SIDE?The mouthpiece of the real estate industry, the almighty REBNY, is not pleased about the progress being made on the epically huge Riverside-West End Historic District, the one that will turn the neighborhood into a mausoleum. REBNY put out this statement: "Calendaring this proposal is yet another clear example of landmark preservation being used for neighborhood planning. The regulatory burdens that accompany landmarking will impede development, which is vital for our city’s physical and economic growth. This proposal to extend the landmarked area on the Upper West Side where nine historic districts already exist, raises questions about the standards for designation and the indifference to the burdens on building owners and city resources to comply with this additional governmental review." Fight! [CurbedWire Inbox]