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A Bloomberg Lands on Central Park West, But It's Not Mike

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At 27, Georgina Bloomberg is the mayor's youngest daughter, but she's no party animal. When explaining her decision to ditch trendy Nolita for the Upper West Side, she told the Post she "wanted something more residential and my dogs need grass." Well, this old soul has gone old school: The Times reports that the recently injured (darn horses!) Georgina has bought a 3BR/3BA apartment at 101 Central Park West, an 80-year-old co-op building. The paper says she paid close to the $4.15 million asking price. The sellers paid just $2.8 million for the place in 2004, and we're guessing Georgina will be getting some parental aid to help foot that $3,791 monthly maintenance bill. And remember, Georgina, your father wants you to stay away from the neighbors!

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