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Tribeca Neighbors Not Quite Ready for Ed Hardy Townhouse

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A family's simple attempt to get more sunlight into their 187 Franklin Street house isn't going over too well with the members of Community Board 1's Landmarks Committee. Probably because the attempt would look something like the design at right, which involves tilted windows, curved brick frames around them, and perforated steel balconies. It's all from the brain of architect Jeremy Edmiston, who already modified the original design slightly based on Landmarks Committee objections. This time, they voted it down 5-3. Their issue? It's too...something. The balconies look like Band-Aids, according to one committee member. The building looks like an art installation, said another. And another really wanted to like, but no. "I don't know if I'm too conservative," she said, "but I can't bring myself to accept it, and I don't know the reason why." The architect told DNAinfo he thinks the board is "reactionary." This should be a fun one.
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