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Harlem and Greenpoint Buildings Share a Checkered Past

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Okay, so they're not quite identical twins, but maybe siblings a year or two apart. On the left is our old Greenpoint friend the Pencil Factory. On the right is the Harlem newcomer at 1465 and 1473 Fifth Avenue. There's no easy explanation for the resemblance, since the Pencil Factory came from the mind of Daniel Goldner Architects and the architect named on the Harlem buildings' DOB filings is RKT&B Architects and Planners. Mysterious! Also mysterious: the rents at 1465 and 1473 Fifth Avenue, which are meant to be affordable housing. According to a listing unearthed by Harlem Bespoke, a 2BR, 2BA unit is asking $2,908/month. "Is this really affordable for even Manhattan standards?" Harlem Bespoke wonders. We'd say no, but if the Pencil Factory pulled through okay, maybe the checkerboard look is working right now.
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