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Charlie Rangel Got the VIP Package at Harlem's Lenox Terrace

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Turns out Congressman Charles Rangel didn't just luck into his four rent-stabilized apartments at Harlem's Lenox Terrace. He got the units?three adjacent ones on the 16th floor and another a few floors lower that he used as an office?as part of a Lenox Terrace "friends and family incentives" program. Rangel paid $3,894 a month for the four apartments. According to a memo from former Lenox Terrace owner Neil Rubler released during Rangel's ethics trial and reported by the Post, the program gave important Harlemites like Rangel and Governor Paterson and his dad the cheap rentals and put them on a VIP list for special treatment at the building in an attempt to improve the housing complex's image. Uh, good plan? No way that could backfire.
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