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Curbed Poll: What Do We Call Frank Gehry's Big Thing?

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This morning we awoke to the exciting news that New York by Gehry is now following us on Twitter! Wait, what the heck is New York by Gehry? That's part of the official new name of Franktastic's soon-to-open 76-story rental tower down near City Hall. According to a recent WSJ story, the full name is New York by Gehry at Eight Spruce Street, which we guess covers all the bases for when he designs New York by Gehry at Bedford Avenue or something. Will anyone actually use the NYbyGehry@8SS name? We want to know! It's officially been called the Beekman Tower, the Beekman and 8 Spruce Street at various points in time, and unofficially it's Frank's Big Frank. We need to call it something, just don't call it Shirley! But seriously folks...

Poll results

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Building photo via Curbed Photo Pool/kiminnyc

8 Spruce Street

8 Spruce Street, New York, NY 10038