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See Just How Much Better The Other Half Lives in Your 'Hood

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We know it's going to be good when the folks at PropertyShark tell us they got creative with a new map. They dropped this map into our inbox late yesterday. So what's going on here besides some nice autumn colors and a lot of big numbers? The map looks at sales price discrepancies in Manhattan neighborhoods, meaning the difference between the most expensive 10 percent of properties and the least expensive 10 percent. Not at all shockingly, the Upper East Side wins again, with a 1767 percent difference between the cheap apartments and the blockbuster sales. Coming in second is the West Village. Soho and Tribeca actually come out at the other end of the spectrum, with only a 216.58 percent difference between cheap and pricey?but that's because the neighborhoods' least expensive apartments cost more than in any other 'hood. And that's the last time we'll put the words "Soho," "Tribeca," and "cheap" together, we promise.
· Map: Sales Discrepancies [PropertyShark]