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$31.5M Superior Ink Penthouse Sells to Set Downtown Record

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Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander shocked us all last year when he paid $25.4 million for a penthouse at Superior Ink only to turn around and put it back on the market one quick week later for $39.5 million. How they appreciate! After one PriceChop, the Journal reports the apartment has sold, for $31.5 million. Sure, it's a bit off Alexander's original asking price, but it's the most expensive condo ever sold in downtown Manhattan. Making it even more mind-blowing is the fact that the 6,300-square-foot space is raw. Alexander hired an architect to redesign the space before deciding he no longer wanted it, so the buyer, a mystery foreigner ("not a celebrity," according to the broker) planning to use the place as a pied-a-terre, will have something to work with.

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