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Meet the Flintstones at Tribeca's Pier 25, Opening Thursday!

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[Photos via Tribeca Citizen.]

Just in time for the cold weather and whipping winds that make Hudson River Park a no-go, Tribeca's Pier 25 is set to open to the public on Thursday. The park's newest finger, jutting into the river at N. Moore Street, is designed for more active users of the west side waterfront, and includes a playground, basketball and beach volleyball courts and the hotly anticipated miniature golf course, which is actually a throwback to what was once here. The Tribeca Citizen has an excellent preview of Pier 25, which we've pillaged to create the above photo gallery. The biggest reveal: What's inside that faux-stone "Fred Flintstone" house that was our brief obsession. It's a mini-golf hole. An easy one! Check out this aerial shot to learn the pier's layout. See you on the links!
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